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Avery Shelf Lateral Files are specially designed to make effective use of colour coding for your document storage. With the range of solid coloured files, they are ideal for department segmentation and are quick and easy to use on existing shelf units, cabinets or mobile shelving. Made from extra heavyweight board for a durable filing system that lasts longer even with the most frequent use of your files. Available in foolscap, legal and A4 sizes for an efficient and durable filing system.

These lateral files are available in a foolscap size and are made from an extra heavyweight board with a reinforced side tab on which you can apply colour code and file title labels creating your custom filing system.

There are 100 white foolscap Shelf Lateral Files in a box. These files can expand up to 35mm so are ideal for storing even the heaviest of documents. Add a Tubeclip® or Permclip® File Fastener to your Lateral File and maximise your filing productivity.
Use with Avery Colour Coding Labels for quick and easy indexing or alternatively customise with Avery FilePro® software where you can find numerous pre-designed templates and colour options that give you the freedom to personalise your filing system. Simply design, print and apply, it’s so quick and easy.


  • Content 100 / Pack
  • Product Size Foolscap
  • Dimensions 367 x 242 mm
  • Capacity 35 mm expansion
  • Colour White
  • Made From Paper Board
  • GSM 300-325 g/m²

Quick Information:

  • Extra heavy weight shelf lateral files are manufactured from strong weight board with a reinforced side tab on which you can label colour code and file title labels
  • Use on an existing shelf unit, cabinet or mobile shelving unit
  • Available in buff and white, legal, foolscap and A4 sizes
  • Use with Avery manual colour coding labels or file title labels
  • Alternatively, customise file label with Avery FilePro® software and auto filing label

Range of Avery Shelf Lateral Files

Avery Shelf Lateral Files come in a range of colours and formats that can be colour coded to suit your document storage needs. Small files can be easily stored and larger documents can be housed in lever arch files or expandable files depending upon your preference.

Tab, folder and label colour variations allow for a myriad of options that take the boredom out of filing and also save time by allowing you to access your files quickly when you need them the most.

Lateral Filing Range

Evolve your filing system into a highly efficient, vertical space saving solution! Avery Lateral Filing can provide a customisable solution that is unique to the needs of your organisation. The comprehensive range includes cabinets, files and wallets, coding labels and filing software which can be tailored to your accessibility and storage requirements.

Avery Filing and Lateral Filing Range

Avery Filing products help you to stay organised and in control of your documents and project resources, so you can easily access them at short notice when you need them the most. Whether you're filing for yourself or for a large office, Avery has the solution for you, from manilla folders and file fasteners, to complete lateral filing packages.

Avery Labels

Avery has a vast variety of labels for all your labelling needs. Whether it’s for the office, small business, your home or an event; there is something for all. Avery has over 80 years of experience in the industry, we are a brand you can trust. We have white labels to coloured labels, small to large stickers, environmentally friendly labels to labels that are clear! 

Flick through the ranges and you’ll soon see that labels have more uses than you’d think. Be sure to try our Free and easy-to-use Design and Print Online software to create your own custom labels.


Design and Print Templates

Other software solutions

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