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Avery Stickers in easy to use handy packs are a convenient way to label all sorts of different items quickly and easily. They are especially suitable for organising and marking or highlighting new or special information.

These pre-printed stickers are numbered 1 – 500 making them ideal for identifying and cataloguing different items. Available in 12 x 12mm size in a handy resealable pack of 500 stickers per pack.


  • Dimensions 12 x 12 mm
  • Content 500 Labels
  • Adhesive Type Permanent
  • Colour Black
  • Made From Paper

Quick Information:

  • Numbered multi-purpose stickers for everyday use
  • Suitable for a range of identification projects in the home, school or office
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Available in resealable handipacks
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and colours

Rectangle Labels Range

Avery's most well known product is the rectangle shaped label which is most commonly use for addressing purposes. Our range in rectangle shaped labels is extensive so you are sure to find the size you need. This label is great for mailing purposes yes but has a greater potential. Try organising your kitchen pantry or the unruly kids play room! The possibilities are endless. 

Our Design and Print software always you to create mailing labels with ease or bring your label design to life with colour and images!  

The Range of Labels by Shape

Avery has an extensive range of all different shaped labels from our well known rectangles to circles, squares to ovals and more! View the range and discover there's more to labels then just addressing labels. Try an oval label to brand your homemade jams and chutney or a square label to get your candles noticed. 

The unique arched label is made with premium linen textured material and with its permanent adhesive making it suitable for application on surfaces such as glass, metal, paper and plastic. 

Avery Labels

Avery has a vast variety of labels for all your labelling needs. Whether it’s for the office, small business, your home or an event; there is something for all. Avery has over 80 years of experience in the industry, we are a brand you can trust. We have white labels to coloured labels, small to large stickers, environmentally friendly labels to labels that are clear! 

Flick through the ranges and you’ll soon see that labels have more uses than you’d think. Be sure to try our Free and easy-to-use Design and Print Online software to create your own custom labels. 


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