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Avery Dot Matrix Labels are designed to work alongside the everyday demands of Dot Matrix printers and with their special adhesive, they run smoothly through large mainframe printers too. You can create professional looking labels suitable for a versatile range of high volume applications from the bulk addressing of envelopes to shipping parcels and invoicing.

This product has 1 label across the web width in a size of 102 x 36mm and 8 labels per fanfold. What’s more our computer labels are stored in a ream of continuous fanfolds for smooth feeding through Dot Matrix and Impact Matrix Printers and come in a box with 2500 labels.


  • Dimensions 102 x 36 mm
  • Content 2500 Labels
  • Printer Type Dot matrix
  • Adhesive Type Permanent
  • Colour White
  • Made From Paper 

Quick Information:

  • Dot matrix labels in a continuous fanfolds for Large mainframe printers or invoice processing
  • 1 Label Wide

The Range of Avery Dot Matrix Labels

Still have an operating Dot Matrix printer? Avery still has labels to fit! Not sure what these are? They are specifically folded to work well within large frame printers; a continuous feed with a range of sizes and width formats.

Address Shipping Labels

Avery has you covered when looking for a suitable label for your mailing and shipping needs. With labels for envelopes, boxes and parcels, there is a sticker to fit all shapes and sizes that will stay put to ensure a safe arrival. Perfect for any small business and E-commerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy. 

Our TureBlock material with its unique silver backing making it completely opaque. It will also help  save time and money as you can label over existing labels without them coming through, reuse the boxes you have. 

Avery Labels

Avery has a vast variety of labels for all your labelling needs. Whether it’s for the office, small business, your home or an event; there is something for all. Avery has over 80 years of experience in the industry, we are a brand you can trust. We have white labels to coloured labels, small to large stickers, environmentally friendly labels to labels that are clear! 

Flick through the ranges and you’ll soon see that labels have more uses than you’d think. Be sure to try our Free and easy-to-use Design and Print Online software to create your own custom labels.


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