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AVERY #959151 WHITE REMOVABLE LABELS - L7169REV - 100/PACK - 99.1 X 139 MM |4UP

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AVERY #959151 WHITE REMOVABLE LABELS - L7169REV - 100/PACK - 99.1 X 139 MM

Avery Removable Multi-purpose Labels are designed for many different uses around the home or office and come in a range of sizes to suit your labelling needs. The removable adhesive on these labels makes them ideal for writing instructions and temporary notes. You just print the message on the label and stick it where it can be seen. When the message has been read or it’s no longer needed, simply remove it. The label won’t leave any residue but you can be sure it’ll stay firmly in place.

These white labels are compatible with laser printers and with Avery Jam-Free™ reliability, printer jams become a thing of the past. They deliver high-quality results and it takes not time to design and print them using our FREE Avery Design Print online software.

This 99.1 x 139mm size white label is ideal for creating your own signs for temporary identification.


  • Dimensions 99.1 x 139 mm
  • Content 100 Labels / 25 Sheets
  • Printer Type Laser, Inkjet
  • Software Code L7169REV
  • Adhesive Type Removable
  • Colour White
  • Made From Paper
  • Format A4

Quick Information:

  • Labels adhere securely to any smooth surface and can be easily removed when needed
  • Jam-Free™ reliability for trouble free printing on Laser printers, saving time and minimising wastage
  • Customise your labels with our free and easy-to-use template software; Avery Design and Print - available at
  • Labels peel off easily when required, enabling you to update information easily or use the item again
  • Perfect for temporary identification

Storage Labels

Storing can be a pain, putting everything into boxes and then forgetting which box you put that important document in can be frustrating! But with the Avery storage stickers loosing files is a thing of the past. Clearly label the contents and you'll know where everything is at a quick glance! 

These labels are great for the home office, the kitchen or anything you want to store. The permanent adhesive means that the sticker will stay put. 

Home Organisation

Create your own stylish home organisation solutions with Avery A6 hand writable and A5 printable labels. Choose from one of the many templates from our free and easy-to use Avery Design Print Online software or customise a template to suit your individual style.

These labels are perfect for use in any room throughout your home such as the kitchen, pantry, storage and kid’s rooms. Our Avery labels are available in a range of multi-purpose, durable and freezer safe options perfect for any labelling project.

Avery Labels

Avery has a vast variety of labels for all your labelling needs. Whether it’s for the office, small business, your home or an event; there is something for all. Avery has over 80 years of experience in the industry, we are a brand you can trust. We have white labels to coloured labels, small to large stickers, environmentally friendly labels to labels that are clear! 

Flick through the ranges and you’ll soon see that labels have more uses than you’d think. Be sure to try our Free and easy-to-use Design and Print Online software to create your own custom labels.


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