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Genuine print quality and performance every time with this original Brother LC-133C Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge to suit several Brother DCP series inkjet printers, multi-function and all-in-one devices today!


Each one of these LC-133C Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridges comes filled with a particular formulation of ink and additive enhancers developed by Brother's chemical laboratories R & D team. The imaging component comprises of Innobella™ ink which is ideal for a wide range of printing jobs that require both sharp, crisp, bold text and lines for professional documents, but also with a broad array of Cyan hues, tones and gradations for vibrant and vivid colour reproduction.

  • Some special additives are included in this LC-133C ink blend to act as a coolant for the heated print head and also to maintain a viscosity so that ink flow to the print-head development system is not inhibited and pump lines do not get clogged.
  • This Brother LC-133C replacement cartridge will produce up to 600 pages at 5% coverage*. It holds more ink so you'll enjoy much greater intervals between cartridge changes, saving you time with fewer interruptions so productivity can be maintained. The other great thing about higher yield ink cartridges like this one is with fewer cartridges lying around, you'll have less overall waste which is great for the environment.
  • Perfect for a whole range of different printing tasks whether at the office, home or school. Near photo lab prints quality is possible with this LC-133C by using specific photo paper and media and altering advanced printer settings to match.
  • Prints produced by this Brother LC-133C Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge are incredibly resistant to blotching, page streaks, smudging and fading which is often caused by simple office handling and hostile environmental elements. As a result, print longevity and durability are significantly increased.
  • Prints have excellent original colour matching properties with high page saturation and exceedingly low bleed levels. This ink cartridge is capable of maintaining consistent printed output at print speeds up to 33 (ppm) pages per minute.
  • Print operators can achieve high quality printed output with up to 6000 x 1200 DPI resolution thanks to the microscopic ink droplet size. Brother's imaging chemists recognise that the smaller the ink droplet size can be made, the higher the print quality definition and so they have utilised modern methods with unique base elements to ensure the final ink formula meets these parameters.
  • Operators can attain a variety of different quality outputs depending on the desired applications simply by changing some critical settings in the advanced printer settings panel. For jobs where the highest quality is demanded like for photo or artwork production, recommended special paper should be utilised, and the respective printer settings to match that type of media then plugged into the settings page. For other jobs that are not so quality critical, operators can tone down the amount of LC-133C Cyan high yield ink used in the same panel. This mode is often known as draft mode, and it produces acceptable quality prints for internal documents and memos and has the added advantage of extending the print cartridge because a lot less ink gets consumed.
  • The technology that is utilised used to form an image with this type of printer cartridge is called thermal inkjet reprography. The ink that is in the cartridge tank is applied to the media by way of a heated element expanding the ink that is sitting inside hundreds of microscopic printhead nozzle outlets. Images are created at superior quality resolution levels compared to other types of print technologies like laser and dot matrix type printing engines.
  • Developed from a non-toxic, wide range of durable components and materials and assembled to meet the highest exacting and precise engineering standards demanded by Brother's manufacturing design team. Each LC-133C cartridge is regularly inspected throughout the manufacturing process and then tested to meet a series of quality and performance criteria parameters before being certified for packaging and distribution.
  • Each LC-133C Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge comes in its own individual box and inside it is vacuum sealed to prevent leaking, air bubbles forming and to maximise shelf life. These original Brother ink cartridges come fully supported with a 100% Brother Factory Warranty and our very own 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee and Printer Perfect Warranty.


Brand Brother
Model LC-133C
Printer Series DCP Inkjet
Colour Cyan High Yield
Type Cyan High Yield Ink Cartridge
Manufacturer Code LC-133C
Manufacturer Form Original
Category Brother Inkjet
Page Yield up to 600 pages
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Compatible Printers:

Suitable for use in Brother DCP-J152W, DCP-J172W, DCP-J4110DW, DCP-J552DW, DCP-J752DW, MFC-J245, MFC-J4410DW, MFC-J4510DW, MFC-J470DW, MFC-J4710DW, MFC-J475DW, MFC-J650DW, MFC-J6520DW, MFC-J6720DW, MFC-J6920DW, MFC-J870DW printers and multi-function devices.

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