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Enjoy big savings today on this genuine Canon PFI-120BK Black Ink Cartridge. This genuine Canon Inkjet cartridge is the perfect replacement cartridge for those on demanding the highest quality printing and reliability.


The science behind image creation with these PFI-120BK ink cartridges is known as thermal inkjet technology. The cartridge that holds the ink is connected directly to a mechanism called a printhead. The printhead is really the heart of the printer, it draws ink into its hundreds of nozzles and then applies it accordingly in the shape of the image onto the paper. It does this by using tiny heating plates to raise the temperature and expand the ink that is sitting inside the nozzle tubes. This heat expansion forces the ink to exit through these microscopic nozzles and onto the medias surface until the final image has been completed.

  • These premium original Canon PFI-120BK Black Ink Cartridges come with 100% Lifetime Shelf Guarantee and come also fully backed by the Canon factory so that you can shop with the confidence.
  • The viscosity and density of the ink are maintained at a particular constant irrespective of changes in ambient conditions thanks to the special additive utilised in the ink blend. This ensures very consistent printing from the first page to the last and it also reduces the chance of stray line occurrence on the media.
  • These Canon imagePROGRAF replacement ink cartridges have been manufactured under strict QA supervision to ensure superior quality and perfect colour matching printouts. Every cartridge is tested by Canon's QA inspectors to meet pre-determined benchmark criterion prior to being approved for distribution and use.
  • These Canon PFI-120BK cartridges are ideal for printing premium quality publications at the busy office, home or school.
  • This special formulation Canon ink utilised in this cartridge produces excellent colour matching with bold and vibrant shades of for photo and artwork plus sharp precise lines for creating high definition precise text, graphs and fine line work.
  • Printed output is blemish and smudge resistant and pages have high ink saturation levels and low bleed, making them both robust and easy to handle. The cartridge has been constructed for use in printers with speeds up to 144 (ppm) pages per minute.
  • Cartridge housing has been cleverly designed so it can be changed over quickly and easily so as to minimise work productivity interruptions. Each cartridge comes delivered in its own storage box and vacuum sealed in plastic to protect contents, extend shelf life and to prevent air bubbles and ink leakage.
  • Manufactured for continuous use and precisely engineered for use in a select range of Canon imagePROGRAF series printers.
  • Each cartridge contains 130ml.
  • Using special media and adjusting the advanced printer settings, operators can make quite dramatic changes to the print quality output and resolution with these OEM PFI-120BK ink cartridges. The maximum print definition is up to 2400 x 1200 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. This is an ideal setting for producing high definition and vibrant colour output for producing photos and artwork. These settings can also be changed to tone down the amount of ink used so the cartridge will last longer. This is known as DRAFT or INKSAVER mode and is ideal for internal print jobs where the quality output is less critical.


Brand Canon
Model PFI-120BK
Printer Series imagePROGRAF Inkjet
Colour Black
Type Black Ink Cartridge
Manufacturer Code PFI120BK
Manufacturer Form Original
Category Canon Inkjet
Page Yield 130ml
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