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Erase "Oops" with FriXion 01:05

With the Pilot FriXion pen mistakes disappear like magic! Thanks to FriXion's revolutionary gel ink you can lift mistakes completely off the page with no eraser crumbs or damage to the paper! Don't let a little "oops" ruin what you're trying to express.

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    With the Pilot FriXion pen mistakes disappear like magic! Than...
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    The revolutionary FriXion Clicker erasable gel ink pen by Pilo...
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    The Pilot FriXion erasable gel ink pen is the official pen of ...
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Product Description


Write, Erase, Repeat! NEVER cross out again with FriXion Ball Clicker, the RETRACTABLE erasable pen from Pilot!
Write smoothly with the medium-point FriXion Ball Clicker, erase by heating with the FriXion eraser without damaging the paper and rewrite immediately. Pilot's best-selling rollerball allows you to cleanly write, erase the ink by friction and rewrite - all with the same pen. Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear as if by magic! The unique gel ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately with the same pen. Thanks to the patented thermo-sensitive ink, PILOT has - true to tradition - revolutionised writing with the erasable pen FriXion Ball Clicker. Available in a variety of shades, there's a FriXion Ball Clicker for everyone! Save yourself money and be kind to the environment by refilling your FriXion Ball Clicker pen instead of buying a new one - it's never been easier to be green! 0.7mm tip gives a 0.35mm medium stroke width. Because of the erasable ink, FriXion Ball Clicker must not to be used for signatures, legal documents, examination papers or other documents where writing needs to be of a permanent nature. 

  • Thanks to the erasable thermo-sensitive ink: Write, FriXion it and Rewrite immediately!
  • Effectiveness and writing comfort thanks to the unique fluidity and ultra-softness of the Pilot gel ink.
  • Ergonomic, with a grip to ensure a perfect hold control
  • Refillable product more economical and respectful of the environment.
  • A medium retractable tip that pops out with a click: no more lost caps!

Erasable Ink Pens and Highlighters Category

After World War II the ballpoint pen started to replace the pencil as the writing instrument for the masses. People were using ink to quickly jot notes, write letters and even draft documents. But alas, any mistake of the handwritten word had to be coloured over leaving an unsightly blemish that distracted the reader's eye. Following a decade of research and development failures, in the early 80s the first erasable ink pens reached the marketplace. What made these new ballpoints so different from traditional pens was the ink. Instead of being made from oils and dyes, it was made with a liquid rubber component that had to be slightly pressurized to ensure a continuous flow. A positive consequence that made writing at a wider range of pen angles possible. However, some care has to be taken in protecting the written message (and the pen) from excessive heat that can cause the ink to fade.

About Pilot

Pilot is a global Japanese brand known for innovation and quality writing instruments. In Australia, Pilot is the brand of choice amongst consumers looking for a smooth writing experience combined with quality and reliability. The Pilot range is extensive, covering premium gold nib fountain pens to everyday ballpoint pens and markers. Most pens are manufactured in Japan, with some also made in France and the US.

Innovation is a key to Pilot’s global success. In 2005 Pilot created ‘FriXion’, Australia’s best selling erasable pen. FriXion uses a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink. The friction caused by rubbing the paper generates heat which causes the ink to become invisible. With no damage to the paper, you can erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes.

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