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The Prera fountain pen is the perfect mix of classic and modern trend design. The unique transparent barrel, trendy coloured cap and the classic stainless steel nib creates a modern look. Refillable with Ink Converter 40, or IC 50 disposable cartridge.

  • Available in different frosted & colour infused accents
  • A specially designed capillary controlled ink delivery system ensures in is released evenly, preventing blotting on the writing surfaces
  • Visible ink supply
  • Vacuum sealed cap prevents the nib from drying out
  • Available in fine and medium nib
  • Refillable with Pilot bottled ink or replacement ink cartridges

Fountain Pens Category

The earliest record of a reservoir pen, the precursor to the modern fountain pen, dates back to 10th century Africa. Few details of the pen's mechanism are known and no examples of the pen's construction have survived. Progress was slow until A. A. Waterman of New York began to mass produce the nib-end ink pen. Early pens were filled by unscrewing a portion of the hollow barrel and inserting ink with an eyedropper. Although stylish in design, they tended to leak inside the cap and where the pen opened for refilling. For generations, the fountain pen has served as an everyday writing instrument and has attained a prestigious ownership status worldwide. Fountain pens have also served various artistic purposes such as calligraphy, pen and ink artwork as well as professional art design. Some proponents still believe their role in education should be continued since children learn expressive penmanship skills that give them more artistic control over their handwriting.

About Pilot

Pilot is a global Japanese brand known for innovation and quality writing instruments. In Australia, Pilot is the brand of choice amongst consumers looking for a smooth writing experience combined with quality and reliability. The Pilot range is extensive, covering premium gold nib fountain pens to everyday ballpoint pens and markers. Most pens are manufactured in Japan, with some also made in France and the US.

Innovation is a key to Pilot’s global success. In 2005 Pilot created ‘FriXion’, Australia’s best selling erasable pen. FriXion uses a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink. The friction caused by rubbing the paper generates heat which causes the ink to become invisible. With no damage to the paper, you can erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes.