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SR788 C


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Mechanical pencils are particularly suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. Their major advantage is that you don’t need to sharpen them (with the exception of the 2-mm leads for leadholders). This means that they don’t get shorter and shorter over time like conventional pencils; instead they can be refilled with lead and you can continue using your pencil. Find the right mechanical pencil to suit your needs that offers you optimum handling.

Leadholders are suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. They have a 2-mm lead. By pressing the push button, which opens the drop clutch mechanism, the user can advance the lead to the desired length.


  • Contains 10 lead holder in a box

Quick information:

  • Lead holder for drawing, sketching and writing
  • Student quality
  • For 2mm leads
  • With metal clip
  • HB lead

About the Staedtler Mechanical pencils - a new level of refinement:

Taking the humble pencil to a new level of convenience and practicality, STAEDTLER®’s mechanical pencils use advanced graphite technology for superb results. With our comprehensive range, you’ll find there’s a pencil for every kind of use.

The unique leads are made from 80% high quality, natural raw materials and are completely PVC-free. This results in an exceptionally smooth writing performance with sharply defined lines.

About Staedtler - the modern brand rich in tradition:

STAEDTLER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of writing, colouring and drawing instruments as well as premium quality modelling/polymer clays. It is also one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Germany, drawing on centuries of experience and expertise in the development of innovative writing and drawing instruments. 

It was in 1835 that Johann Sebastian STAEDTLER set up his pencil manufacturing plant in Nuremberg, and records show that one of the founder’s ancestors was actually making pencils as early as 1662. Within five years the company was making no fewer than 63 different types of pencil, soon progressing to both round and hexagonal wood pencils in 48 colours, and by 1866 STAEDTLER employed 54 people and produced over 2 million pencils annually. 

Today, STAEDTLER is an international company with 21 manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries around the world, employing more than 3,500 people. It is Europe’s largest manufacturer of blacklead and coloured pencils, offering a comprehensive range of stationery for school, home and work environments. Many of these products are now internationally recognised classics, such as the Noris HB pencil, the Mars plastic eraser and Lumocolor markers. 

Throughout the company’s history, quality and innovation have remained the key to STAEDTLER’s continuing success, with regular breakthroughs in product design, performance and manufacturing process. Recent innovations include the award- winning triplus range of triangular writing instruments, ABS, the revolutionary break-resistant protective coating for coloured pencils, and WOPEX, a ground- breaking way of producing pencils that maximises the usage of raw materials. Further, Noris colour is another innovation of an enhanced range of coloured pencils made by a new, more sustainable production process.