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Spice storage canisters matching the small version of the Wesco Spice Grinder.

The top of the small Wesco Spice Grinder fits perfectly on the spice storage canisters and turns them into a grinder. A handy storage canister for salt, pepper and other dried herbs.

Keep your coriander and cumin in tidy fashion with the brightly modern design of the Spice Canister (Set of 2) from Wesco.

  • Made from strong acrylic and chrome plated acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic for exceptional durability and lasting good looks
  • Top of the canister fits onto the Wesco Spice Grinder so you can grind fresh spices directly into the storage container for convenience


  • Spice grinder is not included in this set. The grinder attachment can be transferred from the Wesco Spice Grinder to the canister to transform it instantly into a grinder!
  • Screw top lid to easily refill your salt, pepper, or dried herbs and spices
  • Stylish colours for a pop of retro fun in your cupboard
  • Includes two canisters for a coordinated look
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Comes with two year warranty

DIMENSIONS: Width: 60 mm / Height: 70 mm / Depth: 60 mm

Additional information

  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 14.5 x 7 cm


Westermann & Co. was founded in 1867 as a family enterprise based in the Sauerland and looks back on a company history of more than 140 years.

The brand Wesco stands for metal manufacturing in the classical manner - a combination of excellent German quality, an exclusive design and high tech functionality. A long experience in manufacturing and high tech form a perfect unity giving Wesco products their unique design.

Soon after its establishment in 1867, the company specialised in the processing of metal plates for household goods and has since continuously extended the range of its products.

In the 1920s, Wesco introduced the "ash can" into its product range, after the war it launched its first "pedal bin".

Today, the range of household goods includes more than 50 waste bins in various designs. Some of these products are modelled on the historic precursors which have inspired the use of classic design elements in the development of modern products.
Wesco design is characterised by the company's long-standing experience with metal as working material. Because we are familiar with the material we work with, we are able to shape it in a new and exciting way.


In the USA - the land of unlimited possibilities and unfortunately of unlimited volumes of trash as well - trash containers in the typical American dimensions of 50 litres and more have been in production since the 1920s. These bins were originally developed for the catering trade, but soon found their way into American households. But it was not until the 1970s that the American 'trash can' celebrated its triumphal as symbol of the typically American design. This feat was achieved with the help of a German exchange student in the US: Egbert Neuhaus, the current managing director of Wesco. During his stay in Texas, one of these typically American trash cans caught his eye - and it was 'love at first sight'. Neuhaus brought the product idea back to Germany with him to his father's factory. Due to long years of experience in metal processing the Wesco-team brought the necessary expertise to the table for re-designing the American 'trash can'. Based on the American idea of 'large volume large input flap', the body and the semicircular lid of the trash bin were adapted to each other in such a way that the proportions were perfectly well suited to one another, and topped off by a large, technically solid input flap made of stainless steel and stable handles. Further technical details were added. Now the only thing missing was a new name: based on the writing engraved on the flap, it was christened 'Pushboy' - the first child of an entire family which today comprises more than 20 design products.


Modern technology and finest materials guarantee the quality and longevity of Wesco products: high-quality powder-coated or galvanized sheet-steel and stainless steel are being used. Stainless steel is known for its durability and rust resistance.

The company strategy regarding functionality is based on a combination of high-tech and tradition: Projects designed at the computer are undergoing extensive test phases for function and sturdiness, before starting with high-technology production.

Decades of experience in craftsmanship take care of the final touch.

"Instantly recognisable, Wesco products have a unique combination of colour, style, functionality and quality."